Jonathan Mosley

Jonathan Mosley has been working in the fleet sector since 1989. For the first 11 years he was with a leading contract hire and fleet management specialist, where he became head of marketing.

Since 2000 he has run Espere, providing an extensive range of marketing services to companies in the fleet sector.

Companies that have used Jonathan, either for one-off consultancy, on-going support or as part of a full service creative agency solution, have enjoyed his personable approach, in-depth knowledge of the fleet sector and extensive marketing expertise.

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Types of work

We provide 3 main types of marketing support for companies in the fleet sector.

Marketing consultancy - to assist in any aspect of your marketing strategy, proposition or services offered to the fleet market

A marketing manager for hire - either for one-off tasks or an on-going basis

A full service creative agency - specialising in the fleet sector

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Jonathan Mosley is a regular Blogger in the fleet sector. Here is a selection of recent Blogs which are hopefully of interest!

Comments, feedback and views are always welcome!

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